Anchor pictures from Mike

"During early 2014, I was looking around for a new anchor for my DISCOVERY 55 sailing boat. After watching a number of video comparisons of different types of anchor on the internet, I was most impressed by the MANTUS, which appeared to perform well. I am happy to say that having bought a new MANTUS, my experience of the anchor during my first summer of use in the Mediterranean, has been very impressive. I have felt confident that the anchor was holding well during some very dark and stormy nights, when I would usually be feeling rather anxious. I can say that the MANTUS has kept the boat and my family safe, and when used with the proper length of chain, has not dragged during three months of use in about thirty different anchorages during our voyage from Gibraltar to Levkas in Greece.” - Mike

Anchor pictures from Alex

A 85 lbs anchor on the Bavaria 50.

Anchor pictures from Marco

Marco recently received his 45 lbs anchor in Rome, Italy. He's going to use it this summer and has already attached it to his boat.

Anchor pictures from Stuart

"Delighted with the mantus anchor. Works well in sand, sea grass and crud. The 45ft Boat with a huge bruce anchor next to us dragged in the night .We didnt move despite same conditions and sea floor !!" - Stuart

Anchor pictures from Tom

Recently I went sailing with my boat, a 24 foot Cornish Crabber, for several weeks. I was looking for an easily manageable anchor. I use the mantus anchor on the Wadden Sea, Mainly for anchoring in shallow water for a short periode of time.

My main anchor is a 7.5 kg Bruce anchor I'm very happy about. I came across a Mantus anchor and bought it not certain what to expect. The small 6 kg is on the light side. I have somewhat weighted it by a leaded line of about 4 meter long and 1 kg heavy.The leaded line is attached by a shackle to the anchor. This works fine.

In practice I see no difference with the heavier Bruce anchor. Since I dismantle the anchor after every use I replaced the anchor bolts by stainless steel metric bolts.

Anchor pictures from Hans

Hans and Karen in Herkingen the Netherlands received a 35 lbs anchor for their Bavaria 37 last spring. The gennaker pole can be used with the anchor on the bow. With their Mantus anchor they now feel safe to anchor overnigth. Last summer in strong winds near the channel Islands their anchor kept its ground with another boat rafted up. At the same time other boats around them went a drift. Karen especially appriciates the fact that the anchor provides a safe step onto the foredeck, an important feature in many harbours.