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Mantus anchor DIGS LIKE NO OTHER

The Mantus anchor originated in America, is a "new generation" anchor that offers unparalleled setting ability and holding power. Relative to its competitors, this anchor has significant benefits:

The design and the particular geometry give the anchor unique properties. The roll bar rotates the anchor quickly in the correct position. The sharp point penetrates all bottoms, allowing for an immediate and strong set (causing less harm to the sea bottom). The large surface area of the blade gives the anchor very high holding power.

In-fact Mantus Anchor sets so well, that the anchor works great in difficult seafloor without chain.

The anchor can be fully or partially dismantled and therefore it can be stowed below deck. This makes the anchor perfect for an emergency replacement, storm or a stern anchor, though most of our customers start with putting it on the bow.

The anchor is manufactured from galvanized steel plate, thus does not have the risk of weaknesses that can be seen with cast steel anchors. The nuts and bolts are over sized such that each of the four bolts holding the shank is stronger than the chain.

The anchor is available in 9 sizes, from 3.6 to 56.6 kg, for each type of vessel there is an appropriate anchor. On special order stainless steel versions are available.

Ildost Marine bv is the importer for Europe. We sell direct to the customers, so we work around the margins of wholesale and retail. This allows us to offer the anchors for a very attractive price.

Warranty: Lifetime

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